Tyler lives a boring and unsatisfying life. After a strange reading with a fortune teller, his world is turned upside down when he meets Nadia, young, pretty, and cursed with a sinister demon. Almost immediately, Tyler falls for her, and the two embark on a wonderful romance. With Nadia’s curse only worsening, and Tyler being haunted by the same demon, they must decide if love really is worth going head to head with the forces of evil.

Rophefilms Casting

Produced by: Toufic Saadeh 

Executive Producer: Sonia Qutami 

Casting Director: Sonia Qutami

Directed by: Billy El Kaddour

Assistant Director: Toufic Saadeh

Screenplay by: Toufic Saadeh  

Script Supervisor: Billy El Kaddour

Written by: Sarah Vaughan, Toufic Saadeh

Created by: Toufic Saadeh, Sarah Vaughan